PRAIRIE HOME FARM is Coeur d Alene’s own local pumpkin patch. Nothing fancy, just farm. A five acre, 100 year old farm featuring pumpkins, fall produce and decorations. An old milking barn, all the farm implements, tools and old machinery imaginable, combined with linda’s scattered vignettes, make for a perfect back drop for fall family photos ops. Throw in about 12 different kinds of farm animals in their pens, pastures and coops, and you’ve got a perfect autumn day steeped in good ol’ farm tradition. Feed bought for feeding the animals hunting for the perfect pumpkin, with feed in hand to feed all the critters, rounds it off weaving a perfect, simple, slowed down kind of day.


Meander in, relax and maybe take the tire swing for a spin. Prairie home farm in Coeur d’Alene Idaho is open 2 days a week to the public only in the month of October. All other day in the month are available for field trips, barn rentals and birthday parties.


LIL’ PUNKIN PIE CO. Is the farms little off shoot featuring farm fresh fruit pies. Found in a repurposed outbuilding, lil’ punkin pie co. was born out of an over abundance of fruit on the farm and linda’s insatiable passion for baking. All these little pieces contributed to a simple pie business plan- farmy, homemade, none too fancy, classic fruit pies using local ingredient with a very small carbon footprint print!












The pumpkin patch is open every Wednesday and Saturday but only in the month of October. If it’s a Wednesday or a Saturday and it is October- we are open! All other days in October available for Fieldtrips, barn rental, and birthday parties.

Hours - 10am to 5pm



2020 PRICES:

- Pumpkins- 39 cents a pound
( straw bales, heirloom pumpkins, gourds and mini pumpkins individually priced )

- Admission- $3.00

- Feed bags- $5.00

- Field trips- $9.00
Includes a pumpkin the size of their heads, a bag of feed to feed the animals and a snack of popcorn and cider in the barn.


- September 22nd- 5:30-7:30. Open FARM


- PIE SCHOOL. Pre registration required.(as always, the 4th Tuesday of the month)


- October 3d- opening day of p umpkin patch


- October 10th- annual stories in the barn. Spokane storytelling guild volunteers. 2:00-3:00. Included in admission.


- October 20th-5:30-7:30. open FARM PIE SCHOOL. Pre registration required. ( as always, the 4th Tuesday of the month)


- November 13th and 14th-rebel junk antique show. Pies Available.


- November 17th-5:30-7:30. open FARM PIE SCHOOL. Pre registration required. ( a Week early due to thanksgiving).


- November 25th- thanksgiving pie pickup. 12-5pm. Pre order required. In the bakery


- December 22nd-5:30-7:30. open FARM PIE SCHOOL. Preregistration required. ( as always the 4th Tuesday of each Month.


- December 24th- 12:00-5:00. Christmas pie pickup. In the bakery. Pre order required.








Not all pumpkins are in green bluff. For over 8 years Coeur d'Alene has had its own pumpkin patch,  smaller and more personal and just miles from the center of town. In the field, on the vine, snipped and up front for sale. Heirloom, Specialty and even Cinderella’s for decoration, carving or cooking.

Pigs, sheep, horses, goats, chickens gees, ducks, rabbits. Throw in a few farm dogs and barn cats and let the show begin. Most visitors buy food for feeding but be careful- if it has a mouth it can bite! (what do these geese have to be so angry about?).

Late Summer/Fall produce or Fall decorations can be found at Prairie Home Farm. Find popcorn dried and on the cob, winter squash, bouquet garnets (parsley, rosemary, thyme and sage bundles) peppers, berries etc... and most all you should need for your fall decorations.

7790 N. Atlas Rd.
Coeur d'Alene, ID 83835
ph: 208.762.3289

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